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Book a flight that will take you to new heights, using creative solutions as fuel.

Open & fill in the brief


What is the speciality of your company, services or products?

State your company’s activity domain, what type of services you provide for your clients, or what type of products you wish to advertise.


What is your competition?

Identify other companies activating in the same field as yours, other similar services or products against whom you are competing.

What is your target?
Describe your primary and secondary audience, detailing aspects such as demographics, education, age, gender, social status, behaviour or any information you find relevant in defining your customer’s profile.

How does your product, service or company stand out?
Describe how your company, service or product is different from the competition. Do you offer a better price? Is your product of a higher quality? Do you provide a service no one else provides?

What is your product’s positioning?
What features do your customers need to know about your product or service? What is the image you want to show?


What problem (opportunity) do you want to solve with advertising?
Describe what problems or opportunities our creative solutions and ideas can solve. Do you need to catch up with the rest of the market? Or are you planning to expand your business?

What else have you undertaken until now?
Tell us what other marketing or communication projects have you undertaken and in what way have they affected your company, service or product.

What are the objectives?
We’re interested in finding out your main and secondary objectives. What short, medium and long term goals do you want to achieve?


What is the budget you assigned for this project. Please fill out a general budget for the whole project, and a detailed budget for each activity.

When do you want the project ready? Please take into account the complexity of the project and try to give us a realistic timeframe. We are really strict with deadlines and aim to deliver quality work on time.

Through what mediums do you want to reach your audience? The best way your customers can find you may be with a website. Or you may want to reach out to them through television or radio.

The elements of the project
Tell us what creative services you need for this project. You may want us to design and develop a website, or you need a visual identity, or flyers to promote an offer.

Communication style
How do you communicate with your customers right now? How do you want to communicate for now on? Detail on the vocabulary and the tone of voice used.

Are there any aspects that we must strictly follow? For example, are there any specific colours we must use for a logo design, or an illustration?

Please specify if there are any aspects that we should exclude from your project.

Other details

Is there anything we might have left out? Write it here.


Tell us if you have a favourite image, drawing, campaign, or any other element that might serve as a starting point for your project.

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