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Alexandru Maftei is a creative and talented director with experience in advertising, film, TV, theater, and a passion for photography. His artistic career began in the 1990s, when he was exposed to Romanian advertising and observed its evolution from the very beginning of the post-communist period.

Therefore, his artistic openness and complex portfolio needed a more vocal exposure, all under the umbrella of an identity that would best represent the director, advertiser, and artist Alexandru Maftei.


Thus was born the brand Maftei Regizorul (Maftei the Director), a concept that encompasses his artistic experience, as well as his personality and humor.

Directing is creativity. This principle guided us in shaping the universe of Alexandru Maftei. In the creation of the graphic elements, the approach was a playful one, tending to cover the multitude of genres and tones of the films and commercials displayed on the website. The logo is another example of simplicity, candor, and humor. Alongside the stand-alone signature, it also includes the element of identity that accompanies the director everywhere: his emblematic mustache.

One of the aspects that Alexandru Maftei emphasizes in his work is the demarcation of activities. Specifically, no matter how bohemian the combination of things may seem, commercials, theater, film, and photography remain constructs that require specific approaches. Thus, the website structure is based on this principle of his creation. Advertising is trumpeted loud and clear, film is in the place of honor, theater has a dedicated stage, television work has its own screen, and photography is framed in its own frame.

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