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Cununa brings together a collection of premium home decor objects and accessories that encapsulate the past and the present, the traditional and the avant-garde, the urban and the rural. Cununa objects are the result of the harmonious blend of modern design with ancient crafts, showcasing the talent of creators and artisans.

It is a project created by us, for those who appreciate the craftsmanship, talent, and beauty of the objects that adorn our homes or that we give as gifts. We wanted to develop and position Cununa as a brand that values Romanian traditions and crafts, bringing them into the present.


What this brand represents is reflected in the meaning of its name. Cununa is an ornament made by intertwining flowers, leaves, and branches, just as the archaic and the contemporary intertwine in this project to create ornaments for homes and people. The graphic identity starts from a classic crown, reinterpreted in a minimalist and elegant way.

Cununa is about lifestyle and stories, about objects that make life more beautiful. Thus, the website design was conceived like a corner of the house, which transposes you into a world of good taste, color, and love for crafts. The photographic style harmoniously highlights each product, in a coherent style. Verbal communication is an intertwining of archaic expressions with urban expressions, to describe feelings of pleasant nostalgia and to create a timeless bridge between tradition and modernity. Thus, the emotional connection between the user and each object on display is stronger.

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