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In a small town on the banks of the Danube, in a place with a rich history of fishing and fish delicacies, one of the largest sturgeon farms in Romania has opened. The need for an identity that expresses the culinary passion for the delicacies offered by this wonderful fish was felt when the project began to take shape.

Caviar and sturgeon dishes are delicacies that are appreciated by a select group of people with refined tastes. These are premium products, and the brand identity had to convey the idea of luxury and fine cuisine.


The first challenge was to find a relevant name for the brand's positioning, qualities, and values. After consistent research, we proposed Hedonia, a name with mythological resonance, which underlines the idea of pleasures reserved for the gods. We also created the legend of the goddess Hedonia, thus enriching the brand's story.

On a visual level, we wanted to express luxury and culinary pleasures in a minimalist, symbolic way. To outline the name Hedonia in an expressive way, we relied on fluid forms and attention to detail in the construction of the logo. The goddess's face is surrounded by sturgeons and caviar, and in her hair we represented the waves of the Danube, thus gaining mythological valences. The typeface was specially created for Hedonia, completing the logo with the elegance and pleasant appearance of handwriting. The other visual elements fit into a direct, concise and minimalist style.

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