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Video animation


NG has evolved beyond being a mere banking institution. The bank's vision is anchored in continuous innovation, both in terms of the solutions it offers to its customers and in its internal operations. The short and medium-term strategy focuses on, among other things, transparency in CSR activities.

In this context, the CSR team at ING Romania wanted the 2015 report to take on an animated form, in order to present the company's community involvement activities in an attractive and user-friendly manner.


Everything started with a brainstorming session on the voiceover text, followed by the creation of a storyboard. During this stage, we collaborated closely with ING's communications team to ensure that the chosen direction was aligned with their vision.

ING's communication style is friendly, engaging, based on simplicity and heartwarming elements. Therefore, we aimed to maintain the same tone in the animation that showcases ING's CSR projects. This approach captures the audience's attention much more effectively compared to simply presenting statistical data verbally.

We opted for illustrative animation as the visual style, and the challenge in this case was real-time drawing. Conceptually, the illustrations represent the company's projects in an abstract manner and rely on chromatic contrast between black-and-white drawings and ING's signature orange color. This approach highlights the projects more clearly and draws the viewer's attention to the desired elements.

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